Frequently Asked Question

We have created a list of some of the many questions that may arise to you during your experience on our site. If you still do not find the specific answer to your question, or after reading the answers something is still not clear to you, write to us without problems.

This will help us to continually improve ourselves and to help other consumers, so ... thank you!

To place an order, the first thing to do is to choose the shoe you prefer, in the combination of material-color that you like and the size that suits you best.
To do so, click on the voice "Shop" of the menu and start browsing the site. Once you have chosen the shoe that fit to you, add it to your cart and click on check-out, which you will easily find on your "Cart", right on the top. If you are already registered you can confirm your data and choose the type of shipping, otherwise enter your data. When you are ready, confirm your payment.
Your purchase will be delivered to you by DHL courier at the agreed address and on the date set by the courier. The package you will receive will be a neutral cardboard box inside which you will find the Alberto Fermani box containing the shoes you have chosen. In addition to footwear, in the package you will find a thought for you, a card addressed to you, a card to know how to take care of the product and the return form, including already the return shipping label, in case you will wish to return your purchase.
We monitor orders constantly and we also receive notification on our smartphones when an order is placed. In this way we can quickly process every order immediately so that we can entrust your package to our shipping partner as soon as possible.
Orders that will be confirmed before 12.00 on working days will be entrusted to the courier in the early afternoon. For everyone else at most you will have to wait for the following day.
It is an easy and fast way to register on this site. Cliking on one social network in which you already have am account, our platform will pick up your credential directly from the social.
Yes, the products you will find on the site are physically available at our warehouse. In any case of a simultaneous purchase of an error in our warehouse we will immediatly contact you and refund your purchase.
It is the list of your desires, where you can save the products that you like most and find them later. No product will be added to cart until you say decide it.
To add products to your wishlist, simply log in on the site and then click on the heart near the products. To see which products you have included in your list you just need to log in and click on your profile name at the top right, looking for the voice "Whislist".
Remember that you can send your wishlist by mail to anyone you desire!
Shipment cost, all over Europe, will be Free.
For United State and Canada we apply upper 50% discount for every orders and for every shipments.

If you choose to take an Express delivery also in Europe, the cost that we ask you to cover is only 10 €, we will cover the whole of the remaining part, different in each area.
Italy Express shipping (free) 1/2 days.
In Europe Standard shipping: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom (central-south and London), Denmark, Slovenia 2/3 days;
3/4 days for Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland (Helsinky), Continental Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway (Oslo), Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom (north) Czech Republic, Ireland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain (Balearic Islands), Sweden, Hungary, Slovenia, United State and Canada.
In any case, we advise you to update yourself on these values on the DHL website.
Shortly after completing the purchase, you will receive a communication (email or SMS if you have added your phone number on the registration) from our DHL partner who will inform you of the expected delivery date. Furthermore DHL will communicate the same date to us, so that for any eventuality we can help you stay updated on the status of the order.
On Delivery Demand is a free service provided by DHL, thanks to which it is possible to independently manage the delivery of the shipment, personalizing it.
All deliveries on the Alberto Fermani website include DHL's On Delivery Demand service for free. At the time of purchase you will be asked to provide an email address or even a mobile number to which DHL will send all information and access to the ODD service.
As soon as you place an order you will receive, by email or sms if you have provided a mobile number, a notice from DHL with the order tracking number and the expected delivery date. At any time of the day, you can access the On Delivery Demand via smartphone or computer and customize your shipment. In a short time you will receive a notification of your changes and the new delivery date. No application or software is required to be installed.
Without problems you will be able to access your profile through the Login button and change the information you want. At the end of the changes remember to save.
Alternativly you can write to as at with the information that you want to chang, also after a purchase.
Any information you have entered on your account is completely editable at any time.
If you realized that some incorrect information may have created problems with your order or with your profile please contact us at and we will solve any mistake you have created. When you place an order, in any case, we always ask you to enter truthful data in order to avoid problems with shipments or any other activity.
The payment systems that can be used on the Alberto Fermani website comply with the latest versions of the protection standards.
Transactions made with credit and debit cards are managed through Gestpay getway which uses the encryption protocol TLS (Transport Layer Security) and the PCI standard (Payment Card Industry) DSS (Data Security Standard) designed to ensure the security of information on cardholders of credit and debit cards.
The Paypal payment system instead allows you to make each individual payment without entering the card number or other personal data, but only email address and password. And if you forget your login information, you can use security questions to retrieve them. If you reply to this question, you can still retrieve it on the Paypal website.
Every transaction on the Alberto Fermani website is to be considered in Euros (€), dollar ($) if you live in the United State or Canada.
No additional costs will be added to you for the use of any differents payment methods, including PayPal.
At the moment the Alberto Fermani website does not provide the possibility to change the product you have purchased. You can however, in a totally free way, make the return of the product and in the meantime proceed with the purchase of the new product.
No, but the billing information must match the card holder with whom you will make your purchase.
You will have 90 days to make your return.
We want to offer you all the time to try your purchase, see it at your feet, take some pictures (why not share with us?), think about it and then make the return procedure in total tranquility, without the anxiety of having to send the parcel by the deadline set by the law. or the WhatsApp number 346 60 54 293. We will verify the order situation immediately and if you need we can make the return procedure together.
We ask you to put your shoes in the Alberto Fermani box in order to limit as much as possible the probable damage during shipping.
The order of the packaging is not important, nor that everything is exactly in its place. To make the return use the same cardboard packaging with which we have sent your purchase or if you want to use another box. You can use any tipes of schotc tape to ensure the closing of the package
As soon as our quality control has confirmed the integrity of the return, we will immediately reimburse your purchase. 
In the case in which the pair of shoes is evidently damaged in all its components, including accessories, laces, heels and soles and if it evidently appears to be used outside the simple test.
Unfortunately, if the product that we receive in return does not meet the quality requirements we will have to return the shoes and we could not provide for the reimbursement.
All Alberto Fermani shoes are Made in Italy and are produced in one of the most important district of footwear.
Our advice is to try and ask us! Very often this can be complicated, but some inventories can still be present in the warehouse so we advise you to write to us at customercare@albertofermani or at 346 60 54 293 (only WhatsApp) and send us a photo of the accessory or the shoe.
What we would like to suggest to you is to always use neutral products, especially leather creams. In this way the product will recover shine without the risk of unexpected stains. For any questions, even on more technical aspects, slip to the address or to the WhatsApp number 346 60 54 293. We will try to get in touch with our experts.